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Rasputin and the Revolutionary Power of Rumours

First World War, World War 1, Empress Alexandra, Tsarina Alexandra, Nurses, Sex scandals
The Empress and two of her daughters
First World War, World War 1, Rasputin and Empress Alexandra, Rasputin and Tsarina Alexandra, Sex Scandal
The postcard plays on the double meaning of the word 'derzhit' - the verb to hold but equally the root of the word 'autocracy' (samoderzhavie). Rasputin's 'hold' on the Empress makes him the true ruler of Russia. many pornographic postcards of this type were produced in the wake of the February Revolution.
World War One, First World War, Eastern Front, Nurses, Pornographic cartoon
Pornographic cartoon of Russian soldiers and nurses

EXTRACT FOR SUBSCRIBERS ONLY. Orlando Figes, Revolutionary Russia, 1891-1991 (Pelican, 2014), pp.81-3

...What they did not realize was that a consignment of nurses' uniforms had fallen into the hands of the city's prostitutes, who dressed in them to work the streets, and that the image of the nurse had changed as a result. [FULL TEXT 523 WORDS]

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