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Further Reading

Orlando Figes, Revolutionary Russia 1891-1991 (2014), chapter 1.
Domionic Lieven, Nicholas II (1994)
Richard Pipes, Russia Under the Old Regime (1982)
Geroid Robinson, Rural Russia Under the Old Regime (1932)
David Saunders, Russia in the Age of Reaction and Reform (1992)
Tibor Szamuely, The Russian Tradition (1974)

It's a good idea to read some Russian literature to get a better sense of social life in late Imperial Russia. I suggest you read some Chekhov short stories, perhaps 'Peasants', and Maxim Gorky's My Childhood, both available in Penguin paperbacks. You might also try Leo Tolstoy's Death of Ivan Ilich and Master and Man, both included in The Portable Nineteenth-Century Russian Reader edited by George Gibian (Penguin).

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