Further Reading

Abraham Ascher, The Revolution of 1905: Russia in Disarray (Stanford, 1988).
Neal Bascomb, Red Mutiny: The True Story Of The Battleship Potemkin Mutiny (London, 2008)
John Bushnell, Mutiny amid repression: Russian Soldiers in the Revolution of 1905-1906 (Indiana, 1985)
Orlando Figes, Revolutionary Russia 1891-1991 (2014), chapter 2.
Teodor Shanin, Russia, 1905-07 (London, 1985).
Walter Sabinsky, The Road to Bloody Sunday: Father Gapon and the St Petersburg Massacre of 1905 (Princeton, 1976).

You might also like to read the great symbolist novel Petersburg (1913) by Andrei Bely which is set in 1905.

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