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This free website brings together my ideas about how to teach and study the Russian Revolution and Soviet history. These ideas have been developed over thirty years of teaching at university.

The website is designed to support courses at all levels - from GCSE to A-level, IB, undergraduate degree at university and post-graduate studies.

This year's seminars will cover all the major questions you are likely to be asked in A-level and IB exams on Russian and Soviet history。

Here is a short extract of a 40-minute seminar I had with the students of the International School of Toulouse.

And this is what their teacher said:

"The live video conference my students had with Professor Figes was a brilliant experience. The classroom task of formulating the 'big' questions in advance, then having them answered by a leading professional historian, was highly motivational. It resulted in some sparkling insights which students will find invaluable in giving them 'the edge' in the final examinations. My class came away from the experience full of enthusiasm for the way in which Professor Figes brought the subject alive in an accessible but intellectually stimulating manner"

- Russel Tarr, Head of History at the International School of Toulouse
and author of www.activehistory.co.uk

Here are some more sample clips.

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